About Us

Our Mission

Wildlife Warriors is to be recognized as a quality resource for issues effecting our world, providing a platform for scientists, conservationists, journalists, and those passionate about preserving earth’s biodiversity to enhance international collaboration in support of protecting endangered species.

Our Story

Wildlife Warriors is an original initiative of Bare Essentials Magazine founded in 2007 for the express purpose of raising funds and awareness for wildlife. The Initiative began as a tribute campaign acknowledging people and foundations dedicated to conservation. Through collaboration with zoo’s, artists, authors and photographers willing to provide incentive rewards, Bare Essentials began organizing local events.

Our first official Wildlife Warrior event embraced the abilities and ambition of a group of primary school students who took part in a Run for the Cheetah raising over $1,000 on behalf of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). These spirited children encouraged their teachers to contact us after reading a post on the website, they also held a fair in honor of the cheetah making a mechanical version of their favorite wild cat along with handmade crafts which they sold to profit the CCF.

Today, the range and dynamic of our initiative extends worldwide to all ages and encompasses a variety of fundraising concepts including chef’s hosting cook-off’s for conservation, athletes arranging events or registering personal challenges to promote and profit our wildlife partners.

Beyond this, Bare Essentials provides free media to non-profit foundations and incorporates an innovative advertising strategy which enables companies looking to affiliate their brand with conservation the opportunity to directly support wildlife by nominating the cost of advertising in our publication to one of our parters.

This site serves as source of inspiration and information – showcasing profiles of Wildlife Warriors, highlighting successful approaches to conservation, providing links and materials to help educate about our earth.

Our mission to be recognized as a quality resource for vital issues effecting our world, working with scientists, conservationists, journalists, other professionals and the public to circulate valuable information and inspiration for the benefit of people and the planet.

Become a Wildlife Warrior and put your passion for nature to purpose, embracing your unique abilities as athletes, authors, artists and animal ambassadors taking action on behalf of wildlife.

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