Big Cat Week – A Wildlife Journey

by Inga Yandell

Big Cat Week

Big Cat Week launched in Australia this week on the Nat Geo Wild Channel. The annual event invites viewers into the world of big cats, exploring the amazing abilities, raw power and beauty of these impressive animals.

In trade mark style National Geographic has aligned stunning and insightful documentaries with online resources that offer an opportunity to get involved and cause an uproar on behalf of big cats!

Highlights of the week include several Australian premiers such as:

‘Betty White Goes Wild’ in which the 92-year old actress, and animal advocate, teaches us survival skills for encounters with big cats.

‘Lion Ranger’ in this series Kevin Richardson (aka Lion Whisperer) shows us where he lives with his wife, two kids and 39 lions on a 800 hectare property in South Africa.

‘Man V Cheetah’ is a thrilling battle of abilities pitting US football stars Chris Johnson and Devin Hester against the cheetah, a cat capable of accelerating from zero to 100km/h in three seconds.

‘Game of Lions’ produced by husband and wife filmmakers Beverly and Derek Joubert raises awareness of the issues impacting the species. Sobering revelations estimate global lion populations have plummeted over the last 50 years from 450,000 down to todays estimate of 20,000.

The documentaries then segue to National Geographic’s overarching directive: to engage people in the plight of big cats, help us feel a sense of wonder, value and respect towards these impressive animals which translates into a desire to help save them. Big Cat Week is a wildlife journey of incredible encounters and fascinating facts, hosted by dedicated individuals who’s love and commitment for big cats will inspire you.

Fuel your inspiration further by exploring National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative at:

Checkout Big Cat Week online at:

Learn about the conservation efforts of Panthera ‘World Leaders in Big Cat Conservation’ at:

Join CCF in their Race to Save the Cheetah at: http:/

Support the Trust in their scientific research of the Snow Leopard at: http:/

In the spirit of Causing an UpRoar, I hope you will share these resources.

Thank-you for reading, regards

Inga Yandell – Chief Editor Bare Essentials

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