Camping with Snow Leopards

by Inga Yandell

Camping with Snow Leopards

Summer is coming. And with it – camp!

Do you remember the joys of camp fires, sing-alongs, and lots of time with critters and creepy-crawlies?

Now you can bring that joy to kids in India. And you’ll get the knowledge that you are also protecting snow leopards!

In just a few weeks, kids in the Indian Himalayas are hoping to head to the hills. For 3 days, they will enjoy hands-on activities about nature, and will get up close and personal with local critters. (Don’t worry, though, snow leopards steer clear of loud groups of children.)

Your help makes all this possible! A donation of $50 can send 1 child to this incredible camp experience.

That child will return changed. She might have a deeper understanding of the food chain leading up to snow leopards. Or she might return to her village understanding that the fields that seemed so empty to her before are actually teeming with life.

As one past participant, Lobzang Tandup, said “I learned that nature is full of surprises and peaceful…we are so lucky to be born in the Himalaya… I’ll remember for my whole life that we went to this camp.”

These changed children are bringing a future to the landscape – one where local people have a deep understanding of the important place snow leopards have in their community.

This summer, the Snow Leopard Trust’s India team is preparing for 6 more camps–in which 300 children can learn about their mountain habitat.

Whether you send one kid, or many, to experience this camp, you’ll know that these kids can build a future for snow leopards.

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