Operation Wild Child

Celebrating the drive and ambition of youth to protect and create a future for wildlife. Operation Wild Child provides fund-raising support for schools, clubs and children who want to help save animals and their habitats. Contact Wildlife Warriors with your fund-raising idea and we will help with organise educational resources and prizes for your event or personal challenge.

Junior Wildlife Warriors will be profiled and acknowledged for their vital role as animal ambassadors raising funds and awareness for wildlife.

BE Creative

Let your passion for nature inspire you to be creative for conservation. Put your passion to purpose by choosing something you love doing like sports, art or reading—you could ask your school to hold a readathon or set yourself a book reading personal challenge.

For more ideas checkout the FREE Booklet.

Clubs for Cubs

Inspired by the community spirit ‘Clubs for Cubs’ encourages conservation awareness and appreciation through team fundraising in social, sports, business, and creative clubs. Whether you are a member of a club or decide to start your own, this initiative is for all ages and offers an opportunity to help sponsor resident orphan cheetahs at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.

These beautiful cats find refuge at the CCF often through tragic circumstances, unable to return to the wild here they become part of the family. Ensuring their health and wellbeing each year costs $5,000 a feat they can only achieve through the generous support of people like you. The CCF can use all the help they can get caring for these cheetahs and here is where ‘Clubs for Cubs’ comes in.

Let your imagination run wild and come up with a fundraising event or campaign for your club, for every cheetah sponsored Bare Essentials will double the impact and adopt a Snow Leopard Cub from the Snow Leopard Trust in your honour. This means not only will you be sponsoring an orphan cheetah but helping to save snow leopards as well.

Important Instructions: Be sure to take photos of your fundraising efforts and email these along with your story to to have your club featured in Bare Essentials Magazine. With the money raised make a direct donation to the Cheetah Conservation Fund indicating you are part of ‘Wildlife Warriors’ this will identify your donation for the adoption of a snow leopard cub in your honour.

Save BC Wolves

Save BC Wolves

January 28, 2015

Wolves are exceptional hunters their skill and teamwork is unrivalled amongst other land predators—yet even they are helpless to a siege from the sky. In a recent interview for Bare Essentials magazine, Emmy-award winning documentary filmmakers, Jim and Jamie Dutcher described the nature of these much maligned animals as highly social, intelligent and integral to […]

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International Cheetah Day Dec 4th

Turn Your Work Into A Life-line For Cheetah’s

December 1, 2014

We all have passions that extend beyond our work, but often reserve them for the weekends (i.e. weekend warriors who pursue their love of sport outside office hours). Now, you have the chance to support a cause on the clock! To celebrate International Cheetah day on 4 December 2014, Cheetah Conservation Fund Australia (CCFA) is […]

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80 Million for Wild Cats

Funding Scientific Leadership

June 4, 2014

Environmental philanthropists from China, India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States have together provided funding of $80 Million to change the course of wild cat protection through Panthera, the leading organization dedicated to ensuring the future of wild cats through scientific leadership and conservation action. The announcement of this unique global alliance […]

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Camping with Snow Leopards

Camping with Snow Leopards

May 27, 2014

Summer is coming. And with it – camp! Do you remember the joys of camp fires, sing-alongs, and lots of time with critters and creepy-crawlies? Now you can bring that joy to kids in India. And you’ll get the knowledge that you are also protecting snow leopards! In just a few weeks, kids in the […]

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A-Team for Wildlife

Prodigies of Conservation

March 23, 2014

International A-Team Unites Youths in Conservation Prodigies of conservation have been gathered from around the world to lead the way for saving endangered species. Never before has an organization sought out the youth leaders of wildlife conservation to lead and inspire an entire generation to save our disappearing wildlife. It is called, A-Team For Wildlife, […]

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Proboscis Monkey

The Ugly Animals Are Coming!

August 27, 2013

The National Science + Engineering Competition are searching for a new mascot for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society to give a voice to aesthetically challenged creatures across the animal kingdom. Scientists and comedians have made campaign films for their favourite ugly animal and the mascot vote runs from 27th August to 5pm, 11th September 2013. […]

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