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Nick Garbutt 'Wildlife Photographer'

Nick Garbutt ‘Wildlife Photographer’

March 17, 2014

British wildlife photographer Nick Garbutt, has a unique knowledge of the mysteries of Madagascar. Having visited the island every year since 1991, his prodigious collection of images reflect its strange and wondrous biodiversity. Through his craft Nick hopes to inspire curiosity and conservation for rare and endangered species, contributing to the education and campaign of […]

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Allen L. Thornton

Allen Thornton ‘Nature Photographer’

February 2, 2013

“It’s not always about the Grand Landscape, some times the best shots are just about light and a turn in the road.” Congratulations to our friend and contributor Allen Thornton, his image “Last Light” (pictured above) has been selected as a finalist for Outdoor Photographer Magazine’s 5th annual contest “The Colors of Nature.” Only 66 […]

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Florian Schulz

Florian Schulz ‘Wildlife Photographer’

September 16, 2012

Born in Germany, Florian Schulz is a professional wildlife photographer with a strong conservation vision. In constant search of breathtaking images, Florian hopes to inspire individuals to take action to protect endangered ecosystems and wilderness areas. As part of his Freedom to Roam project, Schulz has dedicated years of his life North America’s most critical […]

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Robert Scriba

Robert Scriba ‘Wildlife Guide & Photographer’

July 11, 2012

From teenage trapper to farmer, hunter and logger, Bob has spent over 50 years in the forest, on the rivers and amongst the crags of western Canada. From the tools of these trades to the camera and lenses he now carries, an evolution of awareness and values helps him portray a sensitivity and understanding of […]

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Lindsay Cibos 'Graphic Novelist and Illustrator'

Lindsay Cibos ‘Graphic Novelist and Illustrator’

June 19, 2012

Graphic novelist and illustrator Lindsay Cibos is the creator of the award winning three-volume graphic novel series Peach Fuzz, published internationally and syndicated in newspapers. She is also the author of several instructional art books including Digital Manga Workshop, Draw Furries (a recipient of the 2009 Annual Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Award), and the follow-up […]

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Steve Winter

Steve Winter ‘Wildlife Photo-Journalist’

June 3, 2012

Steve Winter has been a National Geographic photographer for almost two decades and more recently, has been the Director of Media at Panthera, a non-profit organization focused on wildcat conservation. Growing up in Indiana farm country, Steve dreamt of becoming a photographer after receiving a camera for his seventh birthday. Over the next few years, […]

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