Save Wildlife ~ Sponsor a Wildlife Warrior

Our people powered conservation initiative ‘Sponsor Spotlight’ focuses on mutual benefit media opportunities for companies, groups or individuals interested in advocating for wildlife conservation.

Offering media exposure for expeditions, research projects, student initiatives, adventure challenges, academic projects, photography assignments and other creative, scientific, academic and athletic pursuits that are aimed at generating awareness and support for wildlife conservation. Uniting their efforts with advertising campaigns for appropriate sponsors, the initiative aims to create a mutually beneficial marketing platform for promoting a brand, event or personality.

Types of Sponsorship

1. Become a media contributor and join our team of expert advisors, delivering compelling content which supports educational outreach for science, conservation, culture or other related topics.

2. Sponsor a project, conservation partner or media contributor – our approach to sustainable marketing provides advertising for environmentally conscious companies who donate funds, host an event or promotional fundraiser benefiting any of our affiliates.

Sponsors can choose from a range of projects and pursuits under our profile page, where details/links indicating their objectives/cause will be outlined. Advocating for an explorer on an epic quest, a research student on a conservation project or an adventurer taking on a trek for tigers – you can gain media exposure through our site and magazine whilst supporting wildlife conservation.

How it works, instead of charging to advertise in our magazine Bare Essentials we provide integrated opportunities for sponsoring wildlife warriors. Now, the financial outlay to run your campaign goes directly to the conservation partner associated with the person or project you choose to support.

Companies affiliated with conservation are favored by consumers for contributing to a healthy planet is in everyones best interest!

To feature in our magazine or website, email

Titans of the Ice Age 3D

Explore the Ice Age

March 15, 2013

Titans of the Ice Age 3D transports viewers to the beautiful and otherworldy frozen landscapes of North America, Europe and Asia ten thousand years before modern civilization. Dazzling computer-generated imagery brings this mysterious era to life – from saber-toothed cats and cave bears to dire wolves and woolly mammoths – giants both feared and hunted […]

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Allen L. Thornton

Allen Thornton ‘Nature Photographer’

February 2, 2013

“It’s not always about the Grand Landscape, some times the best shots are just about light and a turn in the road.” Congratulations to our friend and contributor Allen Thornton, his image “Last Light” (pictured above) has been selected as a finalist for Outdoor Photographer Magazine’s 5th annual contest “The Colors of Nature.” Only 66 […]

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Anna-Louise Pickering

Anna-Louise Pickering ‘Author & Photogrpaher’

May 28, 2012

Anna-Louise Pickering is an award winning writer and photographer. She works in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed wildlife artist and conservationist Pollyanna Pickering, acting as official photographer on her expeditions to study and paint endangered species in their natural habitats. This remarkable Mother and Daughter duo have completed  four critically acclaimed books, and are currently working on their […]

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Daniel J. Cox

Daniel J. Cox ‘Wildlife Photo-Journalist’

May 18, 2012

Daniel J. Cox has been story-telling worldwide through his still photography for more than thirty years. His work has graced the cover of hundreds of magazines including National Geographic with two cover stories. He is a lead instructor and “Mentor” with the Popular Photo Mentor Series, is a Nikon “Legend” and is a consultant for […]

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Panthera's Jaguar Raffle

Jaguar Raffle ‘WIN’ A Jungle Escape

May 4, 2012

Win a 3 Night Stay for 2 at The Hacienda Chichen Resort ‘Mexico’s Eco-friendly Jungle Resort & Spa!’ As part of Bare Essentials ‘Wildlife Warriors Initiative’ in partnership with our friends at The Maya Foundation in Laakeech, we are pleased to offer Panthera’s supporters an opportunity to win a luxurious vacation at The Hacienda Chichen […]

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