Vital Ground

With the grizzly bear as its compass, Vital Ground works to reconnect fragmented landscapes in the U.S. and Canada critical to wildlife movement and biodiversity. Because the grizzly’s range covers several hundred square miles—from alpine meadows to valley bottoms—protecting and expanding habitat and migration corridors important to the Great Bear benefits entire animal and plant communities in the wildest, yet most imperiled, places left in North America.

Operating as a land trust, the mission of The Vital Ground Foundation is to protect and restore North America’s grizzly bear populations by conserving wildlife habitat.

Vital Ground believes the grizzly bear, as an umbrella species, is one of nature’s barometers of a healthy and complete ecosystem. Because the grizzly’s home range covers several hundred square miles—from alpine meadows to valley bottoms—protecting grizzly habitat benefits entire plant and animal communities in the wildest, most scenic, places left on the continent.

Grizzly and other brown bear populations persist only in the continent’s last wilderness ecosystems. Between, within, and at the edges of these ecosystems, roads and development are rapidly filling open lands and valley floors, frittering away once wild landscapes and creating “habitat fracture zones.”

Habitat links between these wild grizzly sanctuaries—lands that provide food, shelter and security for seasonal foraging and movement—are the crux point of grizzly survival and recovery. Today these lands are clad in streamside willows and cottonwoods, pastures, grasslands, wet meadows, clear waters, and conifer forests—habitat for innumerable species. Tomorrow they could be peppered with homes, roads, and other developments.

This is where VG target their resources and efforts. Acre by acre, they protect jigsaw puzzlepieces of habitat to maintain the lifelines between grizzly ecosystems. Lifelines that will help sustain bears and everything else that depends ongrizzly country.

Why Bears? with Chris Morgan

Why Bears? with Chris Morgan

May 28, 2013

“What if we could preserve wild spaces simply by protecting one family of animals?” ‘Why Bears?’ is a film for teachers, scientists, non-profits and people interested in bears and preserving wild spaces. Written by Chris Morgan & Aaron Straight, the film was made possible by an anonymous donation and was produced in partnership with Wildlife […]

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Vote Vital Ground for the 2012 Chase Giving Grant

Vital Ground Community Challenge

August 29, 2012

Chase Community has nominated The Vital Ground Foundation for their National Giving Program. Starting September 6th, you can vote to help decide which local charities will share $5 million in grants! Chase will donate to the 196 nominated charities who receive the most votes as follows: • $250,000 to the Charity receiving the most votes; […]

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Wildlife Warrior - Andrew Hedgman

Grand Adventure for the Grizzlies

August 10, 2012

A licensed scubadiver and skydiver Andrew Hedgman loves adventure but his first passion is to run. Putting this passion to purspose, Andrew has completed several ultra-marathons in aid of animal welfare, making him a perfect ambassador for wildlife. On June 30, 2012, Andrew completed a 1000km journey from Brisbane to Sydney to raise funds for […]

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Mr. Grizzly 'Doug Seus'

Meet Mr Grizzly – Doug Seus

July 13, 2012

Doug Seus has a way with Grizzlies. He has worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest films, and Allison Langdon got a chance to meet his star student, Bart the Bear. Watch the video, view photos from Mr. Grizzly Behind the Scenes and read Allison’s blog. Read the Grizzly Story and Grizzly Predicament for a deeper […]

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Robert Scriba

Robert Scriba ‘Wildlife Guide & Photographer’

July 11, 2012

From teenage trapper to farmer, hunter and logger, Bob has spent over 50 years in the forest, on the rivers and amongst the crags of western Canada. From the tools of these trades to the camera and lenses he now carries, an evolution of awareness and values helps him portray a sensitivity and understanding of […]

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Bart the Bear 2

GoPro Grizzly Cam

June 8, 2012

Professional animal trainer and Vital Ground founder, Doug Seus, straps on a GoPro helmet camera for an exercise session with Bart the Bear 2. The Vital Ground Foundation helps preserve the threatened grizzly bear, other animals, plants, and natural communities through the conservation of habitat and wildlife linkage areas. Together with partners, Vital Ground has […]

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