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by Inga Yandell

Tiger Island is a BBC 2 Natural World documentary following Panthera’s CEO and tiger expert, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, as he investigates a controversial project to rehabilitate and release conflict tigers to the wilds of Sumatra.

Travel with Dr. Rabinowitz as he visits a ‘sanctuary’ for conflict tigers in southern Sumatra and learn what he discovers while monitoring tigers released back into the wild. Find out if this new and radical approach to tiger conservation could put tigers and local villagers in harm’s way or be a tool used to help save the Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger from extinction.

Tiger Island addresses the controversial question of what to do with conflict tigers after they have fed on local livestock, or worse, injured or killed local villagers. Many times, these conflicts end in a death sentence for tigers.

This film explores a new capture-rehabilitate-release strategy to help protect the dwindling Sumatran tiger population with ‘The Indiana Jones of Wildlife Protection’, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz.

Visit BBC’s Tiger Island page.

Learn more about Tiger Island, a Mike Birkhead Associates film.

Tiger Island will air for the first time in the United Kingdom on Thursday, July 26th, at 8pm and show in the United States on Animal Planet (details to come).

If you live in the UK, BBC 2 is broadcast daily on Freesat channel 102, Freeview channel 2, Sky Digital channel 102, Tiscali channel 19 and Virgin Media channel 102, as well as on BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer television programmes are only available to users to download or stream in the UK. However, BBC Worldwide has recently launched the BBC iPlayer App for iPad and iPhone in various countries. Visit the BBC iPlayer (Global) YouTube channel for further information.

Listen to Dr. Rabinowitz’s interview about the new documentary, on BBC’s Midweek Radio 4 program with Libby Purves.

View Behind the Scenes and Other Sumatra Photos (gallery appears towards the bottom of the page).

Learn about Panthera’s work to save the tiger through the Tigers Forever program.

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