Feed A Snow Leopard

by Inga Yandell

Help Feed Your Furry Friends This Christmas!

A donation of $40 can support a community-run grazing-free reserve for an entire month; $500 can support it for an entire year.

What’s a grazing-free reserve? It’s an area of land where villages agree to keep their livestock out, allowing wild species of sheep and goats–key snow leopard prey–to thrive. When the prey thrive, so too can this beautiful cat.

These reserves are valuable because in many parts of snow leopard habitat, increases in domestic livestock have caused wild herbivores to decline, which poses a direct threat to snow leopard survival.

It also poses an indirect threat. When wild prey is scarce, snow leopards may be forced to prey on domestic livestock, which is a severe economic hardship for herding families in snow leopard habitat. Scared of losing their livelihood, these herders often hunt the snow leopards in retribution.

But you can help communities set aside land into a grazing-free reserve. Your support helps pay for reserve guards and compensates the community for use of alternate pastures. In the oldest of these reserves, researchers have witnessed a four-fold increase in wild blue sheep.

You can help snow leopards – and other carnivores such as wolves—eat well and safely with your donation today.

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Inga Yandell
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