Great Bear Wild

by Inga Yandell

Conservationist, photographer and longtime Great Bear Rainforest resident Ian McAllister takes us on a deeply personal journey from the headwaters of the region’s unexplored river valleys down to the hidden depths of the underwater world. Globally renowned for its astonishing biodiversity, the Great Bear Rainforest is also one of the most endangered landscapes on the planet, where First Nations people are fighting for their way of life as massive energy projects threaten entire ecosystems.

McAllister’s new book Great Bear Wild, a stunning collection of photographs and personal narrative, is the product of twenty-five years of McAllister’s research, exploration and advocacy for B.C.’s spectacular north and central coast. Ian will be presenting his images, videos and stories as well as information on current threats to the Great Bear and strategies to protect its sensitive wildlife and habitat.

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Inga Yandell
Explorer and photo-journalist, passionate about nature, culture and travel. Combining science and conservation with investigative journalism to provide educational resources and a platform for science exploration.
Inga Yandell

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