Junior Conservationist’s

by Inga Yandell

Using the wonder our children have for the world around them – we can foster a deep and growing appreciation of nature.

From this understanding a wealth of wonderful media has evolved – engaging children to be environmentally aware, through fun and interactive ways.

A Children’s Book With An Environmental Message!

‘The Little Wave – Part One’ by Stephen Lamoreaux is a 32-page, illustrated story, written in rhyme, about the journey of small wave that learns about mankind’s abuses of nature from creatures it meets along its journey. It is then determined to teach children to change their ways in order to preserve and protect the environment for present and future generations. Part Two will be released next year.

This powerful little book teaches us that abusing our planet does not come without consequences, but even the smallest changes can make a positive difference.

View a short video about the book

Available in paperback, as well as Kindle/Nook and other eBook formats through Amazon, Barnes and Noble plus various other booksellers around the world.

A Children’s Website Celebrating Natural Environments!

Coastal Care Junior is an online resource that produces news and resources tailored to a young audience of future conservationists. Inspired by the memory of Aguila who spent her short life in an exceptional natural environment – the powerful and pristine Atlantic Ocean. Her sandbox was a magnificent, vast, and unspoiled beach; she lived amongst its wildlife. The founding sentiment behind the site – every child should have the right to live in a “healthy” natural environment as Aguila did.

Children can explore the sand for a better understanding of coastal ecosystems or view the gallery for a visual reference illustrating human impact and highlighting treasures of the natural world.

A Role Model Named Rick!

The National Wildlife Federation created an online ecosystem for junior conservationists built around a central character ‘Ranger Rick the Racoon’. This takes interactive media to the next level, with games, apps, downloadable freebies lie ‘Ricky and Pals Adventures’ and so much more – delivered in vibrant colour by a really cute role model that kids can relate too.

Top Resources from Ranger Rick include…..

Ranger Rick’s Green Zone: here you can take a pledge, watch videos, create a silly story and help a family green-up their living space.

Ranger Rick’s Nature Notebook: encourages children to explore, observe and record nature (a downloadable pdf to start their first field journal).

The Rebus Postcard Game: your goal is to write a letter to your grandparents. Before you can do that, you’ll need to solve a few puzzles first. A rebus puzzle is a representation of words or phrases by pictures. The name of the pictures resembles the sound of the words.

More Links for Junior Conservationists!

Through The Lens: connects children to the natural world through photography, with guides on how to get started and galleries to inspire a wild eye. Also checkout ‘Ranger Rick’s Photo Contest’.

Endangered Species Program: features a series of games to expand children’s interest and knowledge of threatened species.

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