To ensure a future for earths natural treasures, Bare Essentials Magazine recognises the need to support the endeavours of those dedicated to protecting and preserving wildlife through research, conservation projects and educational outreach programs.

Our current conservation partners include Panthera ‘Leaders in Wild Cat Conservation’, Vital Ground Foundation ‘Protecting and Connecting Critical Wildlife Habitats in the US and Canada’, Polar Bears International ‘The World’s Leading Polar Bear Conservation Group’, Snow Leopard Trust ’30 years Saving Snow Leopards’, Cheetah Conservation Fund ‘Education and Conservation to Save the Wild Cheetah’, Freedom To Roam ‘Photography Conservation Project’.

This ambition is reflected throughout our publication, online resources and Wildlife Warrior campaigns. By providing non-profit foundations with free media, collaborating with scientists, research teams and other conservation experts to relate perspective and unite support on a broad range of environmental and wildlife issues.

Integrated Opportunities for Our Partners include…


Advertisers interested in aligning their companies/products with conservation can use their marketing dollars to make a difference. Bare Essentials accepts advertising proposals for associative products/services with all fees allocated to one of our partners as nominated by the company.


If you are a group looking to fundraise for wildlife or use our publication for educational purposes, you can request our ‘One for the Wild’ special subscription rate and pay only one dollar per issue.