To have your profile featured on Wildlife Warriors and win some great prizes, register a fund-raising initiative to support one of our Wildlife Partners. Many wildlife warriors use their vocation to raise funds and awareness such as artists who auction their paintings for charity or athletes who request sponsorship for an event.

Campaign your company to organise a fund-raiser, host a ‘coffee for conservation’ brunch and collect for the cause or take the team camping― connect with nature, develop team and survival skills whilst generating funds for wildlife.

Children are also encouraged to get involved and make exceptional Wildlife Warriors as they display creativity, originality and true passion with their fundraising initiatives.

In fact, Bare Essentials has designed a campaign especially for kids who love animals called Operation Wild Child (OWC). A Wild Child’s role is as Natures First Defence because their actions will decide the future of this earth. If you are a junior wildlife warrior and want to know more about OWC download our free booklet.

“Remember, anyone can make a difference if they just decide to take action!”

* Mention the OWC when you donate to any of our ambassador charities so we can allocate rewards.