Robert Scriba ‘Wildlife Guide & Photographer’

by Inga Yandell

From teenage trapper to farmer, hunter and logger, Bob has spent over 50 years in the forest, on the rivers and amongst the crags of western Canada. From the tools of these trades to the camera and lenses he now carries, an evolution of awareness and values helps him portray a sensitivity and understanding of the wilderness and wildlife around us.

He strives everyday to capture the ultimate shot that describes the human like emotions, feelings, sensitivity and trust that the animals and our environment has placed with us. Bob presently works as a bear viewing guide at Knight Inlet Lodge on the West Coast of British Columbia.

Bob writes for and supports several wildlife conservation groups including Vital Ground who have utilised many of his photos to engage support for their campaigns.

He is the author of Seasons of the Grizzly, a revealing look at life in the Great Bear Rainforest. Adorned with beautiful images capturing wildlife in the forest around Glendale Cove in Knight Inlet, B.C. As a regular contributor to Bare Essentials, Bob shares his unique perspective, stunning imagery and intriguing observations with our readers.

Enamoured by the wild, his wisdom translates a powerful and poinent message on behalf of nature.

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