Save BC Wolves

by Inga Yandell

Wolves are exceptional hunters their skill and teamwork is unrivalled amongst other land predators—yet even they are helpless to a siege from the sky. In a recent interview for Bare Essentials magazine, Emmy-award winning documentary filmmakers, Jim and Jamie Dutcher described the nature of these much maligned animals as highly social, intelligent and integral to the balance of wild ecosystems. Having lived with the Sawtooth Pack for an extended period of time they are uniquely informed to speak about the behaviours and value of wolves. By contrast the government in British Columbia, Canada, have focused on one facet of the wolves nature, their predatory skills—and identified them as the cause of caribou decline throughout the region.

This subjective and unfounded judgement supports an unscientific conservation strategy, to cull wolves in an effort to improve dwindling numbers of woodland caribou. Hunters in helicopters are licensed to target wolves from above, the advantage is obvious and the consequences devastating. Not only does this strategy dismiss other contributing factors including loss of habitat and human encroachment, but it also overlooks more viable, non-violent options including protecting critical habitat, such as lichen-rich high elevation forests (threatened by government approved logging and industrial exploration). In the Selkirk Mountains winter-based motorised activities are popular and the tracks they make leave caribou vulnerable to wolves who then have easy access to their natural prey. However, this human induced circumstance is not being considered as a key catalyst for the decline, nor is it being addressed as a potential solution.

Wolves are not only beautifully complex creatures, their influence on the environment—though not entirely understood—carries value, and to ignore even one part of an ecosystem is a recipe for unbalance and further decline.

That’s where you and I can help—we can give wolves a voice.

Pacific Wild Alliance, a successful wildlife conservation organisation are leading the charge for community advocacy and opposition on behalf of wolves. Their INDEGOGO campaign: ‘Save BC Wolves’ aims to raise $50,000 to fund a team dedicated to generating awareness and support in opposition of the wolf cull. Documenting the consequences of negligent policies, that undervalue nature in place of progress and continue to misdirect conservation efforts towards narrow-minded solutions that promise further destruction.

Learn more about Pacific Wild and their work with wolves

Other Ways You Can Help

Write a letter/send an email to the government voicing your opposition to the wolf kill program in British Columbia

Sign the petition to Save B.C. Wolves

Donate, share this campaign and the petition on social media

• Start a conversation with family, friends and everyone who can lend their support to end the wolf kill in British Columbia

Save BC Wolves ©Ian McAllister

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