Vital Ground Community Challenge

by Inga Yandell

Chase Community has nominated The Vital Ground Foundation for their National Giving Program.

Starting September 6th, you can vote to help decide which local charities will share $5 million in grants!

Chase will donate to the 196 nominated charities who receive the most votes as follows:

• $250,000 to the Charity receiving the most votes;
• $100,000 to the next ten runner’s-up Charity;
• $50,000 to the next thirty-five runner’s-up Charity;
• $20,000 to the next fifty runner’s-up Charities;
• $10,000 to the next one-hundred runner’s-up Charities;

The voting runs from September 6, 2012 to September 19, 2012.

There are two ways to vote:

1. During the voting period, Chase customers will automatically receive two votes to cast by visiting the website and following the directions. Chase customers may also cast votes on Facebook as outlined below.

2. Facebook: During the voting period, Facebook Users will receive two votes to cast on the Chase Community Giving application. A Facebook user can only cast one vote per charity.

A Facebook user can earn one bonus vote by allowing “Access” and sharing any content from the Chase Community Giving application to his/her Facebook newsfeed or timeline. If one of the Facebook users’ Facebook Friends links back to the Chase Community Giving Application and casts a vote, the original Facebook user will earn one bonus vote. The bonus vote earned by the original Facebook user can only be cast once he/she has cast his/her two votes.

The bonus vote may be cast for any nominated charity, including a nominated charity for which the Facebook user has already cast a vote. Eligible Voters must return to his/her Facebook page to find out whether he/she has earned a bonus vote as it will be displayed both in the header as well as in the “apps and games” link.

Your votes will help Vital Ground protect the great places where grizzlies can survive!

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