Wildlife Heroes

by Inga Yandell

A new book called Wildlife Heroes focuses on 40 of the world’s top conservationists — highlighting the profound impact these guardians of the wild have on our natural world. The book is an inspiring collection of those “acclaimed for their vision, determination and success” in saving species at the edge of extinction, including lions, whales, bats and, polar bears.

Wildlife Heroes, written by conservationists Julie Scardina and Jeff Flocken, features stunning photos that capture the beauty of the animals and the magnetism of the heroes as they work in the often grueling conditions where the animals live.

Each chapter is introduced with a personal essay by celebrities who themselves are committed wildlife champions, including actor Ted Danson (Cheers, CSI), actress Stephanie Powers (Heart to Heart, Herbie Rides Again), US Representative Jay Inslee, TV Host Jack Hanna (Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures, Into The Wild), and author Kuki Gallman (I Dreamed of Africa).

Wildlife Heroes will appeal to both avid animal enthusiasts and casual readers wishing to learn more about our planet and the people working to protect it.

The authors are donating all proceeds from the book to the organizations it features – so not only is this a great read but it is also, a great way to contribute to conservation!

Check out the book here.

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Inga Yandell
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Inga Yandell

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